【profile】about youyo


2024年から、アーティスト名を「youyo」として本格的に音楽活動をスタート。 「youyo」の由来は、幼少期に「ようよ」と呼ばれていたことから命名。

1stシングルとして、昔からよく聞いていたThe Nolansの「I’m in the Mood for Dancing」をカバーチョイス。

YouTubeでも「クリスマス・イブ」「WHITE BREATH」など、ジャンルレスな歌ってみた動画をアップし精力的に活動中。

youyo is a Japanese singer. She is also an actor, Yoko Kadoyama, in multiple works such as voicing the character Nala in the Disney movie The Lion King(2019) and the musical stage of Demon Slayer(2021) as Shinobu Kocho.

In 2024, she started her musical career under the artist name youyo.

The origin of the name youyo came from her nickname in childhood.

For her debut single, she chose to cover “I’m in the Mood for Dancing” by The Nolans, which is the song with her memory in childhood.

She is also work energetically on YouTube, uploading videos of her singing various genre cover songs such as Christmas Eve and WHITE BREATH.